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Volume 11, Issue 5, 30 March 2017

Volume 11, Issue 5

30 March 2017

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    • Application of echo state network for harmonic detection in distribution networks
      Cost effective utility-solar photovoltaic based hybrid scheme for institutional buildings: a case study
      High-performance hybrid genetic algorithm to solve transmission network expansion planning
      Probabilistic evaluation and planning of power transmission system reliability
      Spectral clustering-based partitioning of volt/VAR control areas in bulk power systems
      Efficient algorithms for real-time monitoring of transmission line parameters and their performance with practical synchrophasors
      Condition monitoring of 11 kV overhead power distribution line insulators using combined wavelet and LBP-HF features
      Fractional transmission line model of oil-immersed transformer windings considering the frequency-dependent parameters
      Optimal power flow in distribution network considering spatial electro-thermal coupling effect
      Adaptive phasor estimation algorithm to enhance numerical distance protection
      New scoring metric for load shedding in multi-control area systems
      Switched differential system approach to voltage transient analysis in power delivery systems with switching capacitors
      Internal electric field modification method based on region segmentation for vacuum interrupters
      On capability of different FACTS devices to mitigate a range of power quality phenomena
      Total supply capability considering distribution network reconfiguration under N − k transformer contingency and the decomposition method
      Online hierarchical and distributed method for voltage control in distribution smart grids
      Single-end time-domain transient electrical signals based protection principle and its efficient setting calculation method for LCC-HVDC lines
      Near-real-time loss allocation methodology based on the power system states
      Identification and visualisation of circular flows in a superior cluster-graph display for operational control
      Influence of ultra-high-voltage hybrid reactive power compensation on the interrupting characteristics of CB at out-of-phase faults
      Investigation on shed icicle characteristics and induced surface discharges along a suspension insulator string during ice accretion
      Interval method for uncertain power flow analysis based on Taylor inclusion function
      Minimum break relay dependency set approach for coordination of directional relays in multi-loop networks
      Current differential protection principle of HVDC transmission system
      Phasor measurement unit based wide-area monitoring and information sharing between micro-grids
      Accuracy analysis and improvement of the state-queuing model for the thermostatically controlled loads
      Impact of phase-locked loop on small-signal dynamics of the line commutated converter-based high-voltage direct-current station
      Applicability of dimensional analysis for the prediction of pollution performance of insulators: an experimental study
      Evidential reasoning based approach to high impedance fault detection in power distribution systems

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