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Volume 11, Issue 4, 09 March 2017

Volume 11, Issue 4

09 March 2017

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    • Optimal reactive power dispatch: a review, and a new stochastic voltage stability constrained multi-objective model at the presence of uncertain wind power generation
    • Island partition of distribution network with microgrid based on the energy at risk
      Real-time estimation of AC-grid short circuit capacity for HVDC control application
      Accuracy analysis of electromechanical mode estimation under ambient conditions
      Appliances considered demand response optimisation for smart grid
      Optimal WDG planning in active distribution networks based on possibilistic–probabilistic PEVs load modelling
      Space charge distribution and leakage current pulses for contaminated glass insulator strings in power transmission lines
      Hot spot detection and prevention using a simple method in photovoltaic panels
      Islanding detection method for microgrid based on extracted features from differential transient rate of change of frequency
      Comparison between traditional single-phase auto reclosing and adaptive technique based on harmonic content measurement
      Improved low-frequency transformer model based on Jiles–Atherton hysteresis theory
      Analogous elastic network for the analysis of power system energy structure
      Heuristic failure prediction model of transmission line under natural disasters
      Conditional probability-based interpretation of dissolved gas analysis for transformer incipient faults
      Detection of secondary arc extinction for adaptive single phase auto-reclosing based on local voltage behaviour
      Synchronisation and anti-synchronisation of chaotic systems with application to DC–DC boost converter
      H filtering for large-scale power systems with sensor networks " >Non-fragile filtering for large-scale power systems with sensor networks
      Improved differential current protection scheme for CSC-HVDC transmission lines
      Calculation of TTC for multi-area power systems based on improved Ward-PV equivalents
      Wavelet-alienation based transmission line protection scheme
      Effect of interphase magnetic coupling of shunt reactor on transmission-line open-phase overvoltages and neutral reactor optimisation
      Modified bio-inspired optimisation algorithm with a centroid decision making approach for solving a multi-objective optimal power flow problem
      Demand response aggregator coordinated two-stage responsive load scheduling in distribution system considering customer behaviour
      Graphical presentation of harmonic operating principles in voltage source converter with sparse vector methods
      Pseudo-inspired CBA for ED of units with valve-point loading effects and multi-fuel options
      Improved droop control based on virtual impedance and virtual power source in low-voltage microgrid
      Method of local characteristics for calculating electric field and ion current of HVDC transmission lines with transverse wind
      LED lamp modelling for harmonic studies in distribution systems
      Dynamic modelling of VSCs in a dq rotating frame for pole-to-pole dc fault study

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