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Volume 11, Issue 3, 16 February 2017

Volume 11, Issue 3

16 February 2017

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    • Guest Editorial
      Hybrid islanding detection method and priority-based load shedding for distribution networks in the presence of DG units
      Approach to setting gateway reactive power control band for distribution networks with wind power
      Agent-based decentralised load flow computation for smart management of distribution system
      Operation window constrained strategic energy management of microgrid with electric vehicle and distributed resources
      Fully distributed economic dispatch of distributed generators in active distribution networks considering losses
      Efficient frequency controllers for autonomous two-area hybrid microgrid system using social-spider optimiser
      Frequency droop control with scheduled charging of electric vehicles
      Multidimensional droop control for wind resources in dc microgrids
      Hierarchical and distributed control concept for distribution network congestion management
      Linear coefficient function based control approach for single stage SPV system integrated to three phase distribution system
      Hybrid approach for planning and operating active distribution grids
      Decentralised control method for DC microgrids with improved current sharing accuracy
      General distributed secondary control for multi-microgrids with both PQ-controlled and droop-controlled distributed generators
      Comprehensive gain and phase margins based stability analysis of micro-grid frequency control system with constant communication time delays
      Volt–var curves for photovoltaic inverters in distribution systems
      Pico-hydel hybrid power generation system with an open well energy storage
      Unified reference controller for flexible primary control and inertia sharing in multi-terminal voltage source converter-HVDC grids
      Economic scheduling model of microgrid considering the lifetime of batteries
      Autonomous plug and play electric vehicle charging scenarios including reactive power provision: a probabilistic load flow analysis
      Distributed topology processing solution for distributed controls in distribution automation systems
      Optimal joint-dispatch of energy and reserve for CCHP-based microgrids
      Multi-loop virtual synchronous generator control of inverter-based DGs under microgrid dynamics
      Optimal investment strategies for distributed generation in distribution networks with real option analysis

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