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Volume 11, Issue 2, 26 January 2017

Volume 11, Issue 2

26 January 2017

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    • Voltage and frequency control strategies of hybrid AC/DC microgrid: a review
    • Model free graphical index for transient stability limit based on on-line single machine equivalent system identification
      Mixture design of experiments on portfolio optimisation of power generation
      Risk assessment of stochastic spinning reserve of a wind-integrated multi-state generating system based on a cross-entropy method
      Method to design optimal communication architectures in advanced metering infrastructures
      General optimal substation coverage algorithm for phasor measurement unit placement in practical systems
      Robust DED based on bad scenario set considering wind, EV and battery switching station
      Power balancing control of a multi-terminal DC constructed by multiport front-to-front DC–DC converters
      New approach to design SVC-based stabiliser using genetic algorithm and rough set theory
      Power-dependent droop-based control strategy for multi-terminal HVDC transmission grids
      Validation study of an approximate 2014 European power-flow model using PowerGAMA
      Service restoration based on AMI and networked MGs under extreme weather events
      Power-based transmission constrained unit commitment formulation with energy-based reserve
      Risk-based framework for the planning of low-voltage networks incorporating severe uncertainty
      Electro-thermal dynamic model using the analytical arc parameters for the prediction of the critical flashover condition on the HVDC polluted insulator
      Secured zone-3 protection during power swing and voltage instability: an online approach
      Mixed AC high-voltage direct current benchmark test system for security constrained optimal power flow calculation
      Benefits and performance of IEC 61850 Generic Object Oriented Substation Event-based communication in arc protection
      Robust coordination of directional overcurrent relays using a matheuristic algorithm
      Automatic restoration system for power distribution networks based on multi-agent systems
      Adaptive partitioning approach to self-sustained smart grid
      Real-time implementation of SPV system with DSTATCOM capabilities in three-phase four-wire distribution system
      Reliability-based model for generation and transmission expansion planning
      Analysis of voltage fluctuation impact on induction motors by an innovative equivalent circuit considering the speed changes
      Risk-based medium-term trading strategy for a virtual power plant with first-order stochastic dominance constraints
      Real-time reactive power distribution in microgrids by dynamic programing
      Fuse relay adaptive overcurrent protection scheme for microgrid with distributed generators
      Methodology for the analysis of voltage unbalance in networks with single-phase distributed generation
      Adaptive fuzzy critic based control design for AGC of power system connected via AC/DC tie-lines
      MOPF solution methodology

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