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Volume 11, Issue 1, 05 January 2017

Volume 11, Issue 1

05 January 2017

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    • Day-ahead unit commitment model for microgrids
      Transmission lines differential protection based on an alternative incremental complex power alpha plane
      Ground potential rise of faulty substations having equal and unequal spacing grounding grids conductors
      Security constrained economic dispatch of wind-integrated power system considering optimal system state selection
      Sensitivity-based relaxation and decomposition method to dynamic reactive power optimisation considering DGs in active distribution networks
      Transformer model with saturation effects for frequency-domain transients simulation
      Optimisation model for online generators when a new generator is about to get started during power system restoration process
      Multi-contingency TSCOPF based on full-system simulation
      Strategies to improve the voltage quality in active low-voltage distribution networks using DSO's assets
      Reconfiguration of distribution networks considering coordination of the protective devices
      Arrester-less DC fault current limiter based on pre-charged external capacitors for half-bridge modular multilevel converters
      Improvement of backward/forward sweep power flow method by using modified breadth-first search strategy
      Insulation condition ranking of transformers through principal component analysis and analytic hierarchy process
      Adaptive threshold based new active islanding protection scheme for multiple PV based microgrid application
      Method for classification of PQ events based on discrete Gabor transform with FIR window and T2FK-based SVM and its experimental verification
      Flexible power system operation accommodating uncertain wind power generation using transmission topology control: an improved linearised AC SCUC model
      Sequence currents based adaptive protection approach for DNs with distributed energy resources
      Implementation of lossy FTRs for perfect risk hedging under the marginal loss pricing
      Development of a new fault zone identification scheme for busbar using logistic regression classifier
      Time-delay stability control strategy considering the jump characteristic of power system
      MGSO optimised TID-based GCSC damping controller in coordination with AGC for diverse-GENCOs multi-DISCOs power system with considering GDB and GRC non-linearity effects
      Study on the hybrid ion-flow field of HVDC and HVAC transmission lines by the nodal discontinuous Galerkin time-domain method
      Evaluation of numerical indices for the assessment of transformer frequency response
      Modelling dynamic demand response for plug-in hybrid electric vehicles based on real-time charging pricing
      Consideration of small signal stability in multi-objective DS reconfiguration in the presence of distributed generation
      Provisional internal and external power exchange to support remote sustainable microgrids in the course of power deficiency
      Risk based multi-objective dynamic expansion planning of sub-transmission network in order to have eco-reliability, environmental friendly network with higher power quality
      Recloser time–current–voltage characteristic for fuse saving in distribution networks with DG
      Flux linkage estimation based loss of excitation relay for synchronous generator
      Fractional order control of static series synchronous compensator with parametric uncertainty

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