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Volume 11, Issue 18, 21 December 2017

Volume 11, Issue 18

21 December 2017

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    • Guest Editorial: New Trends in Wide-Area Monitoring and Control of Power Systems with Large Scale Renewables
      Dynamic synchrophasor estimation by Taylor–Prony method in harmonic and non-harmonic conditions
      Inter-harmonics monitoring method based on PMUs
      Determination of mode shapes in PMU signals using two-stage mode decomposition and spectral analysis
      Online monitoring of generator damping using dissipation energy flow computed from ambient data
      Disturbance location determination based on electromechanical wave propagation in FNET/GridEye: a distribution-level wide-area measurement system
      Wide-area coherency identification of generators in interconnected power systems with renewables
      Identification of coherency and critical generators set in real-time signal
      Optimal PMU placement considering state estimation uncertainty and voltage controllability
      Successful deployment and operational experience of using linear state estimator in wide-area monitoring and situational awareness projects
      Robust classification model for PMU-based on-line power system DSA with missing data
      Wordbook-based light-duty time series learning machine for short-term voltage stability assessment
      Dynamic impact analysis of DFIG-based wind turbine generators on low-frequency oscillations in power system
      Adaptive wide-area power oscillation damper design for photovoltaic plant considering delay compensation
      Two-level coordinated controllers for robust inter-area oscillation damping considering impact of local latency
      Adaptive non-linear neural control of wide-area power systems
      Dynamic performance improvement of New York state power grid with multi-functional multi-band power system stabiliser-based wide-area control
      Decentralised coordinated secondary voltage control of multi-area power grids using model predictive control
      Wide-area voltage control system of flexible AC transmission system devices to prevent voltage collapse
      Novel pair-wise relative energy function for transient stability analysis and real-time emergency control
    • Cost-based allocation model for hybrid power system considering solar, wind and thermal generations separately
      Capacitor-voltage regulation and linear-range extension of a hybrid cascaded modular multilevel converter
      Current decomposition method for loss allocation in distribution systems
      Behavioural market power indices in a transmission-constrained electricity market
      Stochastic assessment of distributed generation hosting capacity and energy efficiency in active distribution networks
      Impact of reverse power flow on the optimal distributed generation placement problem
      Approach for self-healing resilient operation of active distribution network with microgrid
      Sliding mode load frequency control for multi-area time-delay power system with wind power integration
      Modified group search optimisation-based comparative performance evaluation of thyristor controlled series capacitor-based fractional order damping controllers to improve load frequency control performance in restructured environment
      Wide-area fault location method considering gross measurement errors
      An improved method for expressing the transient ground resistance of overhead transmission lines by exponential polynomial
      Trans-oceanic remote power hardware-in-the-loop: multi-site hardware, integrated controller, and electric network co-simulation

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