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Volume 11, Issue 17, 30 November 2017

Volume 11, Issue 17

30 November 2017

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    • Solving OPF using linear approximations: fundamental analysis and numerical demonstration
      Multi-site European framework for real-time co-simulation of power systems
      Supervising distance relay during power swing using synchrophasor measurements
      Optimal capacity planning of MG with multi-energy coordinated scheduling under uncertainties considered
      Ultra-high voltage/extra-high voltage transmission-line protection based on longitudinal tapped impedance
      Efficiency of some optimisation approaches with the charge simulation method for calculating the electric field under extra high voltage power lines
      Passive islanding detection technique for synchronous generators based on performance ranking of different passive parameters
      Dynamic state estimation-based fault locating on transmission lines
      Distributed control scheme on cost optimisation under communication delays for DC microgrids
      Probabilistic congestion driven network expansion planning using point estimate technique
      Grid connected photovoltaic power plants: new aspects in switching procedures with vacuum circuit breakers involved
      Optimal scheduling of energy storage under forecast uncertainties
      Simple current-based algorithm for directional relays
      Improving economic values of day-ahead load forecasts to real-time power system operations
      Redispatch index for assessing bidding zone delineation
      Wavelet-based extreme learning machine for distribution grid fault location
      Heuristic optimisation for network restoration and expansion in compliance with the single-contingency policy
      Sweep frequency response analysis based diagnosis of shorts within transformer windings
      Two-step method for identifying photovoltaic grid-connected inverter controller parameters based on the adaptive differential evolution algorithm
      Economic demand response model in liberalised electricity markets with respect to flexibility of consumers
      Constraint models of voltage fluctuation limit on OLTC/SVR caused by DG power fluctuation and generator disconnection to assess their impacts on DG penetration limit
      Load frequency control of power systems with non-linearities
      Regional protection scheme for distribution network based on logical information
      Single-phase auto-reclosing mitigation procedure for half-wavelength transmission line
      Imprecise reliability assessment of generating systems involving interval probability
      Dynamic incentive framework for demand response in distribution system using moving time horizon control
      Dynamic demand response in smart buildings using an intelligent residential load management system
      Dominant low-frequency oscillation modes tracking and parameter optimisation of electrical power system using modified Prony method
      Influence of direct air-cooled units on primary frequency regulation in power systems
      Dynamic dc voltage regulation of split-capacitor DSTATCOM for power quality improvement
      Improved control strategy for accurate load power sharing in an autonomous microgrid
      Novel aggregate control model of air conditioning loads for fast regulation service

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