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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 11, Issue 16, 09 November 2017

Volume 11, Issue 16

09 November 2017

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    • Signal processing for TFR of synchro-phasor data
      Comprehensive approach for hybrid AC/DC distribution network planning using genetic algorithm
      Capacity withholding assessment in the presence of integrated generation and transmission maintenance scheduling
      Dynamic and adaptive reconfiguration of electrical distribution system including renewables applying stochastic model predictive control
      Demonstration of voltage control in a real distribution system using model predictive control
      Hadoop-based framework for big data analysis of synchronised harmonics in active distribution network
      Design and implementation of low-cost universal smart energy meter with demand side load management
      Two-stage heuristic methodology for optimal reconfiguration and Volt/VAr control in the operation of electrical distribution systems
      Fully distributed multi-area dynamic economic dispatch method with second-order convergence for active distribution networks
      Robust pole placement for power systems using two-dimensional membership fuzzy constrained controllers
      Model predictive control of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles for frequency regulation in a smart grid
      New travelling-wave-based protection algorithm for parallel transmission lines during inter-circuit faults
      Modelling and optimisation for costly efficiency improvements on residential appliances considering consumer's income level
      Adjustment of discrete load changes in feeder databases for improving medium-term demand forecasting
      Fast convergence evolutionary programming for economic dispatch problems
      Analytical derivation of the DC-side input admittance of the direct-voltage controlled modular multilevel converter
      Robust multi-objective PQ scheduling for electric vehicles in flexible unbalanced distribution grids
      Transmission line fault classification using modified fuzzy Q learning
      Multi-criteria decision-making methods for grading high-performance transformer oil with antioxidants under accelerated ageing conditions
      Linear time complexity sorting algorithms for electromagnetic transient simulation of MMC-HVdc system
      High-frequency transient comparison based fault location in distribution systems with DGs
      Coordination of directional over-current relays in active distribution networks using generalised benders decomposition
      Model order reduction analysis of DFIG integration on the power system small-signal stability considering the virtual inertia control
      Identification method for power system low-frequency oscillations based on improved VMD and Teager–Kaiser energy operator
      An islanding detection methodology combining decision trees and Sandia frequency shift for inverter-based distributed generations

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