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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 11, Issue 15, 19 October 2017

Volume 11, Issue 15

19 October 2017

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    • Guest Editorial
      Solution of reactive power optimisation including interval uncertainty using genetic algorithm
      Second-order cone programming relaxation-based optimal power flow with hybrid VSC-HVDC transmission and active distribution networks
      Optimisation of dynamic reactive power sources using mesh adaptive direct search
      Decentralised secondary voltage and frequency control scheme for islanded microgrid based on adaptive state estimator
      Energy management in DC microgrid with energy storage and model predictive controlled AC–DC converter
      Switching model analysis and implementation of electric spring for voltage regulation in smart grids
      Multi-agent transactive energy management system considering high levels of renewable energy source and electric vehicles
      Voltage stability analysis in radial smart distribution grids
      Measurement-based voltage stability assessment for load areas addressing n−1 contingencies
      Mode identification of low-frequency oscillations in power systems based on fourth-order mixed mean cumulant and improved TLS-ESPRIT algorithm
      Balancing distribution systems with three-phase active front end rectifiers: field experiment results
    • Optimal location of voltage sensors in low voltage networks for on-load tap changer application
      DFIG virtual inertia control in micro-grid based on setting trigger condition and ZN method for parameters optimisation
      Generator governing system based on grey prediction and extension control
      Method for calculating corona inception voltage of ultra-high-voltage direct current transmission lines with frequency-domain characteristics of corona current
      Integrated DFIG–SCIG-based wind energy conversion system equipped with improved power generation capability
      Automatic generation control of a multi-area CCGT-thermal power system using stochastic search optimised integral minus proportional derivative controller under restructured environment
      Minimum frequency estimation of power system considering governor deadbands
      Enhancement of SVC performance in flicker mitigation of wind farms
      Fast reliability evaluation method for composite power system based on the improved EDA and double cross linked list
      Generalised transformer modelling for power flow calculation in multi-phase unbalanced networks
      Differential-privacy preserving optimal power flow in smart grid
      Optimal placement of battery energy storage in distribution networks considering conservation voltage reduction and stochastic load composition
      Time domain harmonic state estimation in unbalanced power networks based on optimal number of meters and the principle of half-wave symmetry

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