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Volume 11, Issue 14, 28 September 2017

Volume 11, Issue 14

28 September 2017

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    • Thermal analysis of high-voltage cables with several types of insulation for different configurations in the presence of harmonics
      Mathematical morphology-based islanding detection for distributed generation
      Decomposition-based approach to risk-averse transmission expansion planning considering wind power integration
      Equivalent to represent inertial and primary frequency control effects of an external system
      Optimal design of secondary distribution system considering electric vehicles high-power residential fast chargers
      Sixth harmonic-based fault location for VSC-DC distribution systems
      Neural network model predictive control optimisation for large wind turbines
      Multi-objective stochastic optimal power flow considering voltage stability and demand response with significant wind penetration
      Innovative calculation method of inductive reactive compensation capacity based on optimum injection current
      Design of fault current limiter using core with low initial permeability
      Point estimate method based on univariate dimension reduction model for probabilistic power flow computation
      Real-time harmonics estimation in power systems using a novel hybrid algorithm
      Estimation of zero sequence parameters of mutually coupled transmission lines from synchrophasor measurements
      Combined cumulants and Laplace transform method for probabilistic load flow analysis
      A New grid synchronisation scheme for a three-phase PV system using self-tuning filtering approach
      Using probabilistic collocation method for neighbouring wind farms modelling and power flow computation of South Australia grid
      Modelling, control, and stability analysis of quasi-Z-source matrix converter as the grid interface of a PMSG-WECS
      Bi-level modelling of false data injection attacks on security constrained optimal power flow
      Three-phase power-flow solutions using decomposed quasi-Newton method for unbalanced radial distribution networks
      Multi-verse optimisation: a novel method for solution of load frequency control problem in power system
      Networked microgrids for service restoration in resilient distribution systems
      Effects of correlated photovoltaic power and load uncertainties on grid-connected microgrid day-ahead scheduling
      Uncertainty level of voltage in distribution network: an interval model and application in centralised storage location
      Hybrid RVM–ANFIS algorithm for transformer fault diagnosis
      Improved calculation model for swing angle of suspension insulator string

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