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Volume 11, Issue 13, 07 September 2017

Volume 11, Issue 13

07 September 2017

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    • Research and applications of ground enhancing compounds in grounding systems
    • Dynamic multi-stage under frequency load shedding considering uncertainty of generation loss
      Optimal capacitor placement in distorted distribution systems considering resonance constraint using multi-swarm particle swarm optimisation algorithm
      Function-based modulation control for modular multilevel converters under varying loading and parameters conditions
      Study of electrical and electromechanical constraints in the insulation of high-voltage cables containing microcavities: effect of space charges
      Design of LCC HVDC wide-area emergency power support control based on adaptive dynamic surface control
      Control optimisation for pumped storage unit in micro-grid with wind power penetration using improved grey wolf optimiser
      Hybrid adaptive ‘gbest’-guided gravitational search and pattern search algorithm for automatic generation control of multi-area power system
      Bidding strategy analysis of virtual power plant considering demand response and uncertainty of renewable energy
      Governor tuning and digital deflector control of Pelton turbine with multiple needles for power system studies
      Variational mode decomposition-based power system disturbance assessment to enhance WA situational awareness and post-mortem analysis
      Fractional order fuzzy PID controller for wind energy-based hybrid power system using quasi-oppositional harmony search algorithm
      UPFC-based line overload control for power system security enhancement
      Utilisation of ultra-capacitor in load frequency control under restructured STPP-thermal power systems using WOA optimised PIDN-FOPD controller
      Safety constraints and optimal operation of large-scale nuclear power plant participating in peak load regulation of power system
      Master self-tuning VDCOL function for hybrid multi-terminal HVDC connecting renewable resources to a large power system
      Toward self-financed distribution automation development: time allocation of automatic switches installation in electricity distribution systems
      Power transformer optimal design using an innovative heuristic algorithm combined with mixed-integer non-linear programming and FEM technique
      Optimal PMU placement solution: graph theory and MCDM-based approach
      Coordinated state-estimation method for air-conditioning loads to provide primary frequency regulation service
      AVSF-based control algorithm of DSTATCOM for distribution system
      Accelerated distribution systems reliability evaluation by multilevel Monte Carlo simulation: implementation of two discretisation schemes
      Synchrophasors assisted protection scheme for the shunt-compensated transmission line
      Optimal scheduling of distributed energy resources as a virtual power plant in a transactive energy framework
      Improved robust adaptive backstepping control approach on STATCOM for non-linear power systems

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