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Volume 11, Issue 11, 03 August 2017

Volume 11, Issue 11

03 August 2017

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    • Partial discharge and noise separation in combined cable–OHLs based on three-phase power ratios
      Efficient energy management for a grid-tied residential microgrid
      Effects of parameter variation in DFIG-based grid connected system with a FACTS device for small-signal stability analysis
      Large-scale transmission expansion planning: from zonal results to a nodal expansion plan
      Lifetime efficiency index model for optimal maintenance of power substation equipment based on cuckoo optimisation algorithm
      DT-based relaying scheme for fault classification in transmission lines using MODP
      Protection scheme for VSC-HVDC transmission lines based on transverse differential current
      Optimal cost wide area measurement system incorporating communication infrastructure
      Structure preserving energy function including the synchronous generator magnetic saturation and sub-transient models
      Power theft localisation using voltage measurements from distribution feeder nodes
      Fully GPU-based electromagnetic transient simulation considering large-scale control systems for system-level studies
      Heuristic planning for dynamic VAR compensation using zoning approach
      Non-linear recurrent ANN-based LFC design considering the new structures of Q matrix
      Technical and economic comparison between direct current and half-wavelength transmission systems for very long distances
      Frequency evaluation of the Nordic power system using PMU measurements
      Mitigation of SSR by embedding subsynchronous notch filters into DFIG converter controllers
      Development of an arc-extinguishing lightning protection gap for 35 kV overhead power lines
      Allocation of PMUs for power system-wide inertial frequency response estimation
      Transformer oil reclamation by combining several strategies enhanced by the use of four adsorbents
      Detailed analysis of the effect of parallel lines on the impedance seen by the traditional ground distance function
      Reliability evaluation of WAMS using Markov-based graph theory approach
      Feature extraction and classification method for switchgear faults based on sample entropy and cloud model
      Leakage current analysis of polymeric insulators under uniform and non-uniform pollution conditions
      Impact of 100-MW-scale PV plants with synchronous power controllers on power system stability in northern Chile

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