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Volume 11, Issue 10, 13 July 2017

Volume 11, Issue 10

13 July 2017

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    • Lifetime estimation and diagnosis of XLPE used in HV insulation cables under thermal ageing: arithmetic sequences optimised by genetic algorithms approach
      Power sharing in parallel inverters with different types of loads
      New method for assessing the utility harmonic impedance based on fuzzy logic
      Imposing voltage security and network radiality for reconfiguration of distribution systems using efficient heuristic and meta-heuristic approach
      Adaptive α-plane line differential protection
      Novel protection scheme for residual current device-based electric fault time detection and touch current identification
      Combined control of voltage and frequency of multi-area multisource system incorporating solar thermal power plant using LSA optimised classical controllers
      EMTR-based fault location for DC line in VSC-MTDC system using high-frequency currents
      Effect of transformer winding mechanical defects, internal and external electrical faults and inrush currents on performance of differential protection
      Short-term scheduling problem in smart grid considering reliability improvement in bad weather conditions
      Method considering the dynamic coupling characteristic in power system for stability assessment
      Loadability analysis based on short-circuit power
      Distributed multi-area WLS state estimation integrating measurements weight update
      Single sensor based MPPT for partially shaded solar photovoltaic by using human psychology optimisation algorithm
      Adaptive modified firefly algorithm for optimal coordination of overcurrent relays
      Digital impedance pilot relaying scheme for STATCOM compensated TL for fault phase classification with fault location
      Electricity market short-term risk management via risk-adjusted probability measures
      Hybrid model for stochastic clearing of joint energy and reserves market
      Distance protection of multiple-circuit shared tower transmission lines with different voltages – Part I: fault current magnitude
      Distance protection of multiple-circuit shared tower transmission lines with different voltages – Part II: fault loop impedance
      Procuring and pricing performance-based frequency regulation services in the electricity market
      Performance analysis of DSTATCOM employing various control algorithms
      Markovian switching model and non-linear DC modulation control of AC/DC power system
    • Analysis and simulation of a sliding mode controller for mechanical part of a doubly-fed induction generator-based wind turbine
      LFC for multi-area interconnected power system concerning wind turbines based on DMPC
      SSCI performance of DFIG with direct controller
      Voltage stability assessment based on improved coupled single-port method
      Synergy of the future: high voltage insulated power cables and railway-highway structures
      Using dissolved gas analysis results to detect and isolate the internal faults of power transformers by applying a fuzzy logic method

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