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Volume 10, Issue 9, 09 June 2016

Volume 10, Issue 9

09 June 2016

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    • Multi-attribute node importance evaluation method based on Gini-coefficient in complex power grids
      Adaptive CWT-based transmission line differential protection scheme considering cross-country faults and CT saturation
      Effect of moisture and thermal degradation on the activation energy of oil–paper insulation in frequency domain spectroscopy measurement
      Method to measure the unbalance of the multiple-circuit transmission lines on the same tower and its applications
      Dual function ferroresonance and fault current limiter based on DC reactor
      Improved digital algorithm for adaptive reclosing for transmission lines with shunt reactors
      Research on technical requirements of line-commutated converter-based high-voltage direct current participating in receiving end AC system's black start
      Compensation scheme for secondary arc current on four-circuit parallel transmission lines
      Multicriteria transformer asset management with maintenance and planning perspectives
      Electromagnetic field interaction with overhead electrical networks
      Precise equivalent model of small hydro generator cluster and its parameter identification using improved Grey Wolf optimiser
      Impact of technical operational details on generation expansion in oligopolistic power markets
      Analysis of frequently over-threshold subsynchronous oscillation and its suppression by subsynchronous oscillation dynamic suppressor
      Investigation and mathematical modelling of the impact of incentive signals to consumers on their consumption, load forecast and network operation
      Crystallisation effect of conductive ions in freezing water during phase transition and its effect on ice flashover voltage
      Parameter design and operating zone of hybrid cascaded multilevel converter under asymmetrical square-wave modulation method of the director switch
      Analysis and control of photovoltaic-assisted three-phase induction machine operating as single-phase micro-wind generator
      Developed generalised unified power flow controller model in the Newton–Raphson power-flow analysis using combined mismatches method
      Three-layer coordinated control of the hybrid operation of static var compensator and static synchronous compensator
      Robust optimisation scheduling of CCHP systems with multi-energy based on minimax regret criterion
      Thyristor based bridge-type fault current limiter for fault current limiting capability enhancement
      Value-based reserve market settlement
      Short-term reliability evaluation of protection systems in smart substations based on equivalent state spaces following semi-Markov process
      Enhanced fault location algorithm for smart grid containing wind farm using wireless communication facilities
      Robust quadratic-based BFS power flow method for multi-phase distribution systems
      Effect of direct fluorination on partial discharge characteristics of polyimide film used as magnet wire insulation of generator
      Base on the ultra-short term power prediction and feed-forward control of energy management for microgrid system applied in industrial park
      Framework for capacity credit assessment of electrical energy storage and demand response

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