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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 10, Issue 8, 19 May 2016

Volume 10, Issue 8

19 May 2016

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    • Accurate and fast DC offset removal method for digital relaying schemes
      Interior point algorithm for optimal control of distribution static compensator under distorted supply voltage conditions
      Stochastic approach to represent distributed energy resources in the form of a virtual power plant in energy and reserve markets
      Low cost hybrid reactive power compensator using coordination control strategies
      Synchrophasor measurement-based fault location technique for multi-terminal multi-section non-homogeneous transmission lines
      Using linear and non-parametric regression models to describe the contribution of non-linear loads on the voltage harmonic distortions in the electrical grid
      Interval optimal reactive power reserve dispatch considering generator rescheduling
      Ex-ante evaluation and optimal mitigation of market power in electricity markets including renewable energy resources
      Application of high-order Newton-like methods to solve power flow equations
      Power system stabiliser and flexible alternating current transmission systems controller coordinated design using adaptive velocity update relaxation particle swarm optimisation algorithm in multi-machine power system
      Critical receiving power ratio of the receiving system in asynchronously connected power systems based on voltage response analysis
      Industrial implementation of a wide area measurement system based control scheme in an isolated power system driven by wind–coal power for aluminium productions
      Network partitioning strategy for parallel power system restoration
      Inhibition method for the degradation of oil–paper insulation and corrosive sulphur in a transformer using adsorption treatment
      Islanding protection of multiple distributed resources under adverse islanding conditions
      Derivation of an equivalent circuit for real-time security assessment
      Hybrid technique for optimal location and cost sizing of thyristor controlled series compensator to upgrade voltage stability
      Hybrid GSA-SQP algorithm for optimal coordination of directional overcurrent relays
      Mixed-integer second-order cone programing model for VAR optimisation and network reconfiguration in active distribution networks
      Phase-space-based symmetrical fault detection during power swing
      Adaptive under-voltage load shedding scheme for large interconnected smart grids based on wide area synchrophasor measurements
      Online catenary anti-icing technique for electric railways employing direct feeding systems
      Improved transformer maintenance plan for reliability centred asset management of power transmission system
      Towards smart corrective switching: analysis and advancement of PJM's switching solutions
      Multi-physics modelling approach for investigation of moisture dynamics in power transformers
      On-line recursive method of phasor and frequency estimation for power system monitoring and relaying
      Aggregated optimal charging and vehicle-to-grid control for electric vehicles under large electric vehicle population
      Optimal planning and operation of energy storage systems in radial networks for wind power integration with reserve support

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