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Volume 10, Issue 7, 05 May 2016

Volume 10, Issue 7

05 May 2016

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    • Identification of voltage stability critical injection region in bulk power systems based on the relative gain of voltage coupling
      Reliability assessment of HV substations equipped with fault current limiter considering changes of failure rate of components
      Load following mechanism and power flow algorithm under generator rotor angle control mode
      Prediction study on positive DC corona onset voltage of rod-plane air gaps and its application to the design of valve hall fittings
      Investigation of transformer banks with delta-connected secondary windings and various grounding methods for delta service
      Recursive fast terminal sliding mode control in voltage source inverter for a low-voltage microgrid system
      Comprehensive decision-making method considering voltage risk for preventive and corrective control of power system
      Roadmap for the deployment of WAMPAC in the future GB power system
      Approximated MILP model for AC transmission expansion planning: global solutions versus local solutions
      Thermal balance diagram modelling of surge arrester for thermal stability analysis considering ZnO varistor degradation effect
      Time-varying failure rate simulation model of transmission lines and its application in power system risk assessment considering seasonal alternating meteorological disasters
      Screening technique for identifying the risk of sub-synchronous resonance
      Aerial line model for power system electromagnetic transients simulation
      Frequency-domain harmonic matrix model for three-phase diode-bridge rectifier
      Optimal place, size, and operation of combined heat and power in multi carrier energy networks considering network reliability, power loss, and voltage profile
      Wind power converters improving the power system stability
      Solving multi-objective optimal power flow problem via forced initialised differential evolution algorithm
      Modelling of the corona characteristics under damped oscillation impulses
      Maiden application of hybrid pattern search-biogeography based optimisation technique in automatic generation control of a multi-area system incorporating interline power flow controller
      Digital realisation of the IEC flickermeter using root mean square of the voltage waveform
      Control strategy of interlinking converters as the key segment of hybrid AC–DC microgrids
      Fast discrimination of stable power swing with synchronous generator loss of excitation
      Simple and efficient method for steady-state voltage stability analysis of islanded microgrids with considering wind turbine generation and frequency deviation
      Probabilistic load flow calculation using cumulants and multiple integrals
      Topology and parameter estimation in power systems through inverter-based broadband stimulations
      Method for voltage sag source location based on the internal resistance sign in a single-port network
      Neoteric HANFISC–SSSC based on MOPSO technique aimed at oscillation suppression of interconnected multi-source power systems
      Self-consumption and storage as a way to facilitate the integration of renewable energy in low voltage distribution networks
      Multi-objective restoration optimisation of power systems with battery energy storage systems
      Value of corrective network security for distributed energy storage applications

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