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Volume 10, Issue 6, 21 April 2016

Volume 10, Issue 6

21 April 2016

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    • Guest Editorial
      Impedance-compensated grid synchronisation for extending the stability range of weak grids with voltage source converters
      Rationalisation and validation of dc power transfer limits for voltage sourced converter based high voltage DC transmission
      Analysis of control interactions in multi-infeed VSC HVDC connections
      Interaction between the voltage-droop and the frequency-droop control for multi-terminal HVDC systems
      Risk of multiple cross-over of control characteristics in multi-terminal HVDC
      Modular input-parallel output-series DC/DC converter control with fault detection and redundancy
      Frequency-dependent cable modelling for small-signal stability analysis of VSC-HVDC systems
      New control strategy of decoupling the AC/DC voltage offset for modular multilevel converter
      Fault current testing envelopes for VSC HVDC circuit breakers
    • Estimation of low-frequency modes in power system using robust modified Prony
      Diagnosis of single-phase open-line fault in three-phase PWM rectifier with LCL filter
      Cross-gramian-based dynamic equivalence of wind farms
      Fault discrimination scheme for power transformer using random forest technique
      Group-based chaos genetic algorithm and non-linear ensemble of neural networks for short-term load forecasting
      Optimal coordination of distance and overcurrent relays considering a non-standard tripping characteristic for distance relays
      Analysis of derivative control based virtual inertia in multi-area high-voltage direct current interconnected power systems
      Robust linear quadratic Gaussian-based discrete mode wide area power system damping controller
      Influence of aerosols on the ion-flow field under high-voltage direct current transmission lines
      New approach to improve sensitivity of differential and restricted earth fault protections for industrial transformers

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