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Volume 10, Issue 5, 07 April 2016

Volume 10, Issue 5

07 April 2016

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    • Linear approximated formulation of AC optimal power flow using binary discretisation
      Modelling, simulation, and verification for detailed short-circuit analysis of a 1 × 25 kV railway traction system
      Smart distribution grid multistage expansion planning under load forecasting uncertainty
      Particle swarm optimisation aided least-square support vector machine for load forecast with spikes
      Flux-based turn-to-turn fault protection for power transformers
      Decentralised wide-area fractional order damping controller for a large-scale power system
      Advanced fuzzy power extraction control of wind energy conversion system for power quality improvement in a grid tied hybrid generation system
      Islanding detection method based on a new approach to voltage phase angle of constant power inverters
      Hybrid wireless charging system for monitoring overhead 110 kV high-voltage power line equipment based on magneto-electric conversion
      Optimal capacitor placement in distribution systems for power loss reduction and voltage profile improvement
      Multi-objective unit commitment using search space-based crazy particle swarm optimisation and normal boundary intersection technique
      Synchrophasor based thermal overhead line monitoring considering line spans and thermal transients
      Technique for online tracking of a utility harmonic impedance using by synchronising the measured samples
      Robust fuzzy-sliding mode based UPFC controller for transient stability analysis in autonomous wind-diesel-PV hybrid system
      Strategic scheduling of energy storage for load serving entities in locational marginal pricing market
      Consensus-based distributed scheduling for cooperative operation of distributed energy resources and storage devices in smart grids
      Optimal operating strategy and revenue estimates for the arbitrage of a vanadium redox flow battery considering dynamic efficiencies and capacity loss
      Two-stage optimal demand response with battery energy storage systems
      Economic dispatch of wind integrated power systems with energy storage considering composite operating costs
      Power factor-based scheduling of distributed battery energy storage units optimally allocated in bulk power systems for mitigating marginal losses

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