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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 10, Issue 4, 10 March 2016

Volume 10, Issue 4

10 March 2016

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    • Operation of battery energy storage system using extensional information model based on IEC 61850 for micro-grids
      Application of non-dominated sorting gravitational search algorithm with disruption operator for stochastic multiobjective short term hydrothermal scheduling
      Non-technical loss and power blackout detection under advanced metering infrastructure using a cooperative game based inference mechanism
      Risk assessment of surge current generated by spark discharges on open contacts of small power relays
      Solution of security constrained optimal power flow for large-scale power systems by convex transformation techniques and Taylor series
      Efficient probabilistic contingency analysis through a stability measure considering wind perturbation
      Modelling and performance analysis of advanced combined co-phase traction power supply system in electrified railway
      Robust optimisation applied to the reconfiguration of distribution systems with reliability constraints
      Impacts of direct cyber-power interdependencies on smart grid reliability under various penetration levels of microturbine/wind/solar distributed generations
      Maximum constant boost approach for controlling quasi-Z-source-based interlinking converters in hybrid AC–DC microgrids
      Subsynchronous oscillation and its practical mitigation project at the Hulun Buir power plant generating for a Chinese extra-high-voltage AC and DC hybrid transmission network
      Coupled electric–magnetic–thermal–mechanical modelling of busbars under short-circuit conditions
      Explicit model predictive control applications in power systems: an AGC study for an isolated industrial system
      Cost, emission and reserve pondered pre-dispatch of thermal power generating units coordinated with real coded grey wolf optimisation
      Assessment of the resistance to tracking of polymers in clean and salt fogs due to flashover arcs and partial discharges degrading conditions on one insulator model
      Improved equal current approach for reference current generation in shunt applications under unbalanced and distorted source and load conditions
      Risk-based reconfiguration of active electric distribution networks
      Lightning surge analysis of Faraday cage using alternative transient program-electromagnetic transients program
      Multivariate statistical analysis-based power-grid-partitioning method
      Efficient approach to quantify commutation failure immunity levels in multi-infeed HVDC systems
      Islanding detection method adopting single-phase-operating circuit breaker
      Three-phase power flow calculations using direct Z BUS method for large-scale unbalanced distribution networks
      Stability analysis of power system with multiple operating conditions considering the stochastic characteristic of wind speed
      Traveling-wave-based protection of parallel transmission lines using Teager energy operator and fuzzy systems
      Economic aspects for multi-step LC compensator with uncertain load characteristics using genetic algorithm
      Flux-based method to diagnose and identify the location of turn-to-turn faults in transformers
      Application of a hybrid energy storage system in the fast charging station of electric vehicles
      Explicit degradation modelling in optimal lead–acid battery use for photovoltaic systems
      Supplementary automatic generation control using controllable energy storage in electric vehicle battery swapping stations

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