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Volume 10, Issue 3, 18 February 2016

Volume 10, Issue 3

18 February 2016

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    • Optimal utilisation of storage systems in transmission and distribution systems
      Storing renewables in the gas network: modelling of power-to-gas seasonal storage flexibility in low-carbon power systems
      Lithium-ion battery modelling for the energy management problem of microgrids
      Leaky storage model for optimal multi-service allocation of thermostatic loads
      Optimal sizing of energy storage systems: a combination of hourly and intra-hour time perspectives
      Determination of the optimal installation site and capacity of battery energy storage system in distribution network integrated with distributed generation
      Optimal design of battery energy storage system for a wind–diesel off-grid power system in a remote Canadian community
      Optimal DG allocation and sizing in presence of storage systems considering network configuration effects in distribution systems
      Grey wolf optimisation for optimal sizing of battery energy storage device to minimise operation cost of microgrid
      Active distribution network expansion planning integrating dispersed energy storage systems
      Review of energy storage allocation in power distribution networks: applications, methods and future research
      Fault current limiter-battery energy storage system for the doubly-fed induction generator: analysis and experimental verification
      Effective power dispatch capability decision method for a wind-battery hybrid power system
      Optimal active power control of a wind farm equipped with energy storage system based on distributed model predictive control
      Performance optimisation for novel green plug-energy economizer in micro-grids based on recent heuristic algorithm
      Rollout strategies for real-time multi-energy scheduling in microgrid with storage system
      System flexibility provision using short term grid scale storage
      Local storage meets local demand: a technical solution to future power distribution system
      Optimal scheduling of virtual power plant with battery degradation cost
      Coordination of multifunctional distributed energy storage systems in distribution networks
      Hybrid operation strategy of wind energy storage system for power grid frequency regulation
      Arbitrage strategy of virtual power plants in energy, spinning reserve and reactive power markets
      Application of a battery energy storage for frequency regulation and peak shaving in a wind diesel power system
      Optimisation model for power system restoration with support from electric vehicles employing battery swapping
      Frequency regulation in a wind–diesel powered microgrid using flywheels and fuel cells
      Revenue and ancillary benefit maximisation of multiple non-collocated wind power producers considering uncertainties
      Impact of wind power on arbitrage revenue for electricity storage
      Reliability benefit of energy storage in wind integrated power system operation
      Cost–benefit analysis of battery storage in medium-voltage distribution networks
      Robust computational framework for mid-term techno-economical assessment of energy storage
      Comparison of two energy storage options for optimum balancing of wind farm power outputs

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