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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 10, Issue 2, 04 February 2016

Volume 10, Issue 2

04 February 2016

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    • Special transformers for four-phase power transmission: a general framework
      Impact of Thera and Crete interconnection on their economic operation
      Multi-area environmentally constrained active–reactive optimal power flow: a short-term tie line planning study
      Price restricted optimal bidding model using derated sensitivity factors by considering risk concept
      Coordination of generation maintenance scheduling and long-term SCUC with energy constraints and N − 1 contingencies
      Measurements and modelling of three- and five-limb transformer behaviour during large voltage and frequency disturbances
      Special protection scheme against voltage collapse
      DC ice-melting and temperature variation of optical fibre for ice-covered overhead ground wire
      Multi-period probabilistic-scenario risk assessment of power system in wind power uncertain environment
      Quantifying operating reserves with wind power: towards probabilistic–dynamic approaches
      Wavelet-based index to discriminate between minor inter-turn short-circuit and resistive asymmetrical faults in stator windings of doubly fed induction generators: a simulation study
      Application of signal processing and analysis in detecting single line-to-ground (SLG) fault location in high-impedance grounded distribution network
      Measurement of power system harmonic based on adaptive Kaiser self-convolution window
      Dual distribution static compensator for three-phase four-wire distribution system
      Convergence analysis of implicit Z-bus power flow method for general distribution networks with distributed generators
      Fast and accurate measurement of harmonic parameters employing hybrid adaptive linear neural network and filtered-x least mean square algorithm
      Investigations on AC pollution flashover performance of insulator string under different non-uniform pollution conditions
      Optimal control strategy of voltage source converter-based high-voltage direct current under unbalanced grid voltage conditions
      Parallel relaxation-based joint dynamic state estimation of large-scale power systems
      Analysis, design and experiment investigation of a novel wave energy converter
      Determining potential stability enhancements of flexible AC transmission system devices using corrected transient energy function
      Framework for vulnerability assessment of communication systems for electric power grids
      Capacity withholding analysis in transmission-constrained electricity markets
      Multi-pole voltage source converter HVDC transmission systems
      Critical aspects on wavelet transforms based fault identification procedures in HV transmission line
      Mathematical morphology-based islanding detection for distributed generation
      Method for determining utility and consumer harmonic contributions based on complex independent component analysis
      Coupling of neighbouring low voltage residential distribution feeders for voltage profile improvement using power electronics converters
      Current limiting impedance comparison between different designs of iron cores of the flux-lock-type superconducting fault current limiter
      Binary particle swarm optimisation-based optimal substation coverage algorithm for phasor measurement unit installations in practical systems

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