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Volume 10, Issue 1, 07 January 2016

Volume 10, Issue 1

07 January 2016

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    • Impact of solar photovoltaics on the low-voltage distribution network in New Zealand
      Economic power transaction using coalitional game strategy in micro-grids
      Long-term economic model for allocation of FACTS devices in restructured power systems integrating wind generation
      Design of joint active and reactive power reserve market: a multi-objective approach using NSGA II
      Automatic droop control for a low voltage DC microgrid
      Circuit breaker condition assessment through a fuzzy-probabilistic analysis of actuating coil's current
      Computer modelling and field testing of the trip mechanism for GIS
      Multiple distributed generation units allocation in distribution network for loss reduction based on a combination of analytical and genetic algorithm methods
      Using mathematical morphology to discriminate between internal fault and inrush current of transformers
      Improvement of the simultaneous active and reactive power markets pricing and structure
      Reliability planning of active distribution systems incorporating regulator requirements and network-reliability equivalents
      Retracted: Energy storage system and demand response program effects on stochastic energy procurement of large consumers considering renewable generation
      Line utilisation factor-based optimal allocation of IPFC and sizing using firefly algorithm for congestion management
      Estimation of the largest eigenvalue in Chebyshev preconditioner for parallel conjugate gradient method-based power flow computation
      Multi-agent-based dynamic state estimator for multi-area power system
      Three-phase resistive capacitor switching transient limiter for mitigating power capacitor switching transients
      Homotopy-enhanced short-circuit calculation for general distribution networks with non-linear loads
      Adjustable robust optimal power flow with the price of robustness for large-scale power systems
      Three macroscopic indices for describing the quality of AC/DC power grid structures
      Prediction of unplanned islanding using an energy based strategy
      Recurrent multi-objective differential evolution approach for reactive power management
      Fuzzy day-ahead scheduling of virtual power plant with optimal confidence level
      Discrete Fourier transform-based parametric modal identification from ambient data of the power system frequency

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