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Volume 10, Issue 16, 08 December 2016

Volume 10, Issue 16

08 December 2016

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    • Forecasting the load of electrical power systems in mid- and long-term horizons: a review
    • Flexible and overall reliability analysis of hybrid AC–DC microgrid among various distributed energy resource expansion scenarios
      Multi-functional hybrid active power converter and its industrial application for electrolytic copper-foil
      Automatic generation control using disrupted oppositional based gravitational search algorithm optimised sliding mode controller under deregulated environment
      Feasibility study for partial discharge detection and defective region identification in power transformers by using distributed sensors
      Multi-objective transmission expansion planning in a smart grid using a decomposition-based evolutionary algorithm
      Data integrity attack in smart grid: optimised attack to gain momentary economic profit
      Smart grid fault detection and classification with multi-distributed generation based on current signals approach
      Two-step method for the online parameter identification of a new simplified composite load model
      Magnetic core short circuit testing techniques for electrical power generators
      LFC enhancement concerning large wind power integration using new optimised PID controller and RFBs
      Penalised quoted cost based approach on transmission loss allocation for a bilateral contract in deregulated electricity market
      Procurement of regulation services for a grid with high-penetration wind generation resources: a case study of ERCOT
      Event-triggered communication in wide-area damping control: a limited output feedback-based approach
      Disturbance rejection-based LFC for multi-area parallel interconnected AC/DC system
      Automatic generation control of an unequal four-area thermal system using biogeography-based optimised 3DOF-PID controller
      Towards a fully integrated market for demand response, energy and reserves
      Influence factors in contamination process of XP-160 insulators based on computational fluid mechanics
      Hybrid control of aggregated thermostatically controlled loads: step rule, parameter optimisation, parallel and cascade structures
      Two-level procedure based on HICAGA to determine optimal number, locations and operating points of SVCs in Isfahan–Khuzestan power system to maximise loadability and minimise losses, TVD and SVC installation cost
      Allocation of demand response resources: toward an effective contribution to power system voltage stability
      Formulation of phasor unbalance power: application to sinusoidal power systems
      Optimisation for unit restarting sequence considering decreasing trend of unit start-up efficiency after a power system blackout
      Dynamic characteristics and cascaded coordination of limiting-type SPDs under subsequent negative strokes
      Voltage quality assessment considering low voltage ride-through requirement for wind turbines
      Multi-objective optimal power flow considering the system transient stability
      Least-cost path analysis and multi-criteria assessment for routing electricity transmission lines
      Non-telecommunication based DC line fault detection methodology for meshed HVDC grids
      Robust probabilistic optimal voltage sag monitoring in presence of uncertainties
      Control devices development of multi-microgrids based on hierarchical structure

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