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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 10, Issue 15, 17 November 2016

Volume 10, Issue 15

17 November 2016

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    • Communication-efficient distributed strategy for reactive power optimisation considering the uncertainty of renewable generation
      Additional salt deposit density of polluted insulators in salt fog
      KF-based technique for detection of anomalous condition of the PV panels
      Microgrid protection using Hilbert–Huang transform based-differential scheme
      Self-adaptive differential approach for transient stability constrained optimal power flow
      Parallel computation of transient stability using symplectic Gauss method and GPU
      Reactive power optimisation considering wind farms based on an optimal scenario method
      Mid-term vulnerability analysis of power systems under intentional attacks
      Markov game approach for multi-agent competitive bidding strategies in electricity market
      Design and analysis of fuzzy PID controller with derivative filter for AGC in multi-area interconnected power system
      Reactive power control of DFIG wind turbines for power oscillation damping under a wide range of operating conditions
      Feasibility study to use the current transformers as inductive partial discharge sensors
      Determination of customer perceived reliability indices for active distribution systems including omission of tolerable interruption durations employing bootstrapping
      Adaptive busbar differential relaying scheme during saturation period of current transformers based on alienation concept
      Effectiveness of power electronic voltage regulators in the distribution network
      Fast multilayer perceptron neural network-based control algorithm for shunt compensator in distribution systems
      Experimental testing and model validation of a decoupled-phase on-load tap-changer transformer in an active network
      Optimal allocation of TCSCs by adaptive DE algorithm
      Research on multi-attribute decision-making in condition evaluation for power transformer using fuzzy AHP and modified weighted averaging combination
      Multi-objective transmission line de-icing outage optimal scheduling framework
      Online condition monitoring and power management system for standalone micro-grid using FPGAs
      Techno-economical lifetime assessment of power transformers rated over 50 MVA using artificial intelligence models
      Measurement-based dynamic load modelling using time-domain simulation and parallel-evolutionary search
      Local-area STVS control system
      Improved affine arithmetic based optimisation model for interval power flow analysis
      Adaptive protection coordination scheme for power networks under penetration of distributed energy resources
      Discrete cosine transform-based predictive model extended in the least-squares sense for hourly load forecasting
      Cascading failure model in power grids using the complex network theory
      Water cycle algorithm-based load frequency controller for interconnected power systems comprising non-linearity
      Network impulse response based-on fault location method for fault location in power distribution systems

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