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Volume 10, Issue 14, 04 November 2016

Volume 10, Issue 14

04 November 2016

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    • Comprehensive review of delays in power transmission projects
    • Planning process for distribution grids based on flexibly generated time series considering RES, DSM and storages
      Dynamic equivalent model of VSC based on singular perturbation
      Adaptive algorithm for estimating power frequency phasors using dynamic window length
      LEs based framework for transient instability prediction and mitigation using PMU data
      On-line voltage stability index based on the voltage equation of transmission lines
      Adaptive Mho relay for synchronous generator loss-of-excitation protection: a capability curve limit-based approach
      Short-circuit level control through a multi-objective feeder reconfiguration using fault current limiters in the presence of distributed generations
      Fast active islanding detection method based on second harmonic drifting for inverter-based distributed generation
      Frequency regulation of multi-area power systems with plug-in electric vehicles considering communication delays
      Measurement error of non-sinusoidal electrical power and energy caused by instrument transformers
      Early warning method for transmission line galloping based on SVM and AdaBoost bi-level classifiers
      Design of reactive power regulator of synchronous generators by considering grid impedance angle for characteristic index objectives
      Multi-terminal medium voltage DC grids fault location and isolation
      Partition-composition method for online detection of interconnected power system transient stability
      Virtual active power filter: a notable feature for hybrid ac/dc microgrids
      Limit preserving equivalent method of interconnected power systems based on transfer capability consistency
      Influence of fan-shaped non-uniform pollution on the electrical property of typical type HVDC insulator and insulation selection
      AC flashover characteristics of insulators under haze–fog environment
      Robust automatic generation control regulators for a two-area power system interconnected via AC/DC tie-lines considering new structures of matrix Q
      Practical multi-area bi-objective environmental economic dispatch equipped with a hybrid gradient search method and improved Jaya algorithm
      Transient measured impedance-based protection scheme for DC line faults in ultra high-voltage direct-current system
      Optimal demand side management by distributed and secured energy commitment framework
      Agent-based distributed and economic automatic generation control for droop-controlled AC microgrids
      Capacitor placement in distribution systems for power loss reduction and voltage improvement: a new methodology
      Fast electromagnetic transient simulation for over-voltages of transmission line by high order Radau method and V-transformation
      Evidence theory-based identification of aging for capacitive voltage transformers
      Optimal power flow based on successive linear approximation of power flow equations
      Impact analysis of the capacitive coupling sensor on bushing external insulation
      Optimal placement and sizing of DGs in RDS using chaos embedded SOS algorithm

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