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Volume 10, Issue 13, 06 October 2016

Volume 10, Issue 13

06 October 2016

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    • Research and application of multiple STATCOMs to improve the stability of AC/DC power systems in China Southern Grid
      Research on a current commutation drive circuit for hybrid dc circuit breaker and its optimisation design
      Energy storage in renewable-based residential energy hubs
      Fault location estimator for series compensated transmission line under power oscillation conditions
      Calibration of erroneous branch parameters utilising learning automata theory
      Reactive power coordinated optimisation method with renewable distributed generation based on improved harmony search
      Improved voltage shift islanding detection method for multi-inverter grid-connected photovoltaic systems
      Rate of change of superimposed negative sequence impedance based islanding detection technique for distributed generations
      Risk-constrained multi-level framework for coordination of generation and transmission expansion planning in liberalised environments – part I: theory and formulation
      Risk-constrained multi-level framework for coordination of generation and transmission expansion planning in liberalised environments – part II: method and case studies
      Development and application of a model-based collaborative analysis and design framework for microgrid power systems
      Three-phase harmonic power flow by direct Z BUS method for unbalanced radial distribution systems with passive power filters
      Adaptive method for harmonic contribution assessment based on hierarchical K-means clustering and Bayesian partial least squares regression
      Aeronautical ground lighting system study: field measurements and simulations
      Angular frequency variations at microgrids and its impact on measuring instruments performance
      Optimal sizing of substation-scale energy storage station considering seasonal variations in wind energy
      Transient stability enhancement control of power systems with time-varying constraints
      Improved model-free adaptive wide-area coordination damping controller for multiple-input–multiple-output power systems
      Optimal generation scheduling of interconnected wind-coal intensive power systems
      Robust optimal transmission switching with the consideration of corrective actions for Nk contingencies
      Risk-based placement of TCSC for transient stability enhancement
      Synchrophasor-based backup distance protection of multi-terminal transmission lines
      Post-retirement utilisation of synchronous generators to enhance security performances in a wind dominated power system
      Research on switching operation transient electromagnetic environment of substations in a coal mine
      Optimal planning of plug-in hybrid electric vehicle charging station in distribution network considering demand response programs and uncertainties
      Integration of electric vehicles for load frequency output feedback H control of smart grids
      Non-linear adaptive coordinated controller design for multimachine power systems to improve transient stability
      Generalised Cassie–Mayr electric arc furnace models
      Wide-band modelling and transient analysis of the multi-conductor transmission lines system considering the frequency-dependent parameters based on the fractional calculus theory
      S-shaped droop control method with secondary frequency characteristics for inverters in microgrid

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