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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 10, Issue 12, 02 September 2016

Volume 10, Issue 12

02 September 2016

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    • Thermal behaviour analyses of gas-insulated switchgear compartment using thermal network method
      Multi-objective approach for distribution network reconfiguration with optimal DG power factor using NSPSO
      Distribution network reconfiguration validation with uncertain loads – network configuration determination and application
      Effects of QV curves in the dynamic behaviour of power systems
      Algorithm for transformer differential protection based on wavelet correlation modes
      Hierarchical hybrid control strategy for micro-grid switching stabilisation during operating mode conversion
      Disturbance propagation mechanism based on the electromechanical wave theory
      Combinational scheme for voltage and frequency recovery in an islanded distribution system
      Power system energy stability region based on dynamic damping theory
      Comparative study on the performance of many-objective and single-objective optimisation algorithms in tuning load frequency controllers of multi-area power systems
      Circulating current derivation and comprehensive compensation of cascaded STATCOM under asymmetrical voltage conditions
      Probabilistic assessment of state estimation capabilities for grid observation
      Identification of critical generating units for maintenance: a game theory approach
      Dynamic load shedding for an islanded microgrid with limited generation resources
      Successive power flows with adaptive step-length increments for fast approximation of the maximum loading point
      Numerical polynomial homotopy continuation method to locate all the power flow solutions
      Comprehensive power transfer distribution factor model for large-scale transmission expansion planning
      Detection of high impedance faults using current transformers for sensing and identification based on features extracted using wavelet transform
      Non-cooperative game theory based energy management systems for energy district in the retail market considering DER uncertainties
      Conditional abnormality detection based on AMI data mining
      Application of high-order Levenberg–Marquardt method for solving the power flow problem in the ill-conditioned systems
      MILP branch flow model for concurrent AC multistage transmission expansion and reactive power planning with security constraints
      Per-unit power costs of traditional and innovative OHLs: a multi-criteria comparison
      Output feedback dynamic tracking excitation control of synchronous generators
      Probabilistic power flow calculation using the Johnson system and Sobol's quasi-random numbers
      Optimal capacitor placement in distribution networks regarding uncertainty in active power load and distributed generation units production
      Real-time verification of new controller to improve small/large-signal stability and fault ride-through capability of multi-DER microgrids
      PQ state space representation and its application to electromagnetic compatibility/incompatibility degree, influence degree, and PQ performance assessment
      Three-phase probabilistic load flow for power system with correlated wind, photovoltaic and load
      Operation of a hybrid modular multilevel converter during grid voltage unbalance

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