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Volume 10, Issue 11, 04 August 2016

Volume 10, Issue 11

04 August 2016

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    • Guest Editorial
      Event-triggered H Markovian switching pinning control for group consensus of large-scale systems
      Self-adaptive firefly algorithm based multi-objectives for multi-type FACTS placement
      Short-term wind speed forecasting using the wavelet decomposition and AdaBoost technique in wind farm of East China
      Robust frequency-locked loop algorithm for grid synchronisation of single-phase applications under distorted grid conditions
      Grey prediction control and extension assessment for turbine governing system
      Optimal sizing and sitting of DG with load models using soft computing techniques in practical distribution system
      Implementation of unified power quality conditioner (UPQC) based on current source converters for distribution grid and performance monitoring through LabVIEW Simulation Interface Toolkit server: a cyber physical model
      Analytical FRTU deployment approach for reliability improvement of integrated cyber-physical distribution systems
      Impact of operators’ performance in the reliability of cyber-physical power distribution systems
      ALARM: average low-latency medium access control communication protocol for smart feeders
    • Detection of current transformer saturation based on variational mode decomposition analysis
      Numerical approach to estimate the maximum power point of a photovoltaic array
      Optimal coordination of directional overcurrent relays in power systems using Symbiotic Organism Search Optimisation technique
      Charging demand for electric vehicle based on stochastic analysis of trip chain
      Experimentally validated model of coupled thermal processes in a laboratory switchgear
      Synchrophasor measurement-based correlation approach for dominant mode identification in bulk power systems
      Interfacing transient stability and extended harmonic domain for dynamic harmonic analysis of power systems
      Constrained linear regularised state estimator for observability analysis in power systems
      Adaptive critic design based cooperative control for pulsed power loads accommodation in shipboard power system
      Scenario reduction, network aggregation, and DC linearisation: which simplifications matter most in operations and planning optimisation?
      Seamless control scheme for distributed energy resources in microgrids
      Influence of third harmonic injection on modular multilevel converter -based high-voltage direct current transmission systems
      H-infinity based non-linear sliding mode controller for frequency regulation in interconnected power systems with constant and time-varying delays
      Risk-averse multi-objective generation dispatch considering transient stability under load model uncertainty
      Optimisation-based switch allocation to improve energy losses and service restoration in radial electrical distribution systems
      Approach for the solution of transmission congestion with multi-type FACTS devices
      New laboratories in High Voltage Institute of University of Tehran for teaching power engineering courses
      Optimal PMU placement for full observability of the power network with maximum redundancy using modified binary cuckoo optimisation algorithm
      Hybrid method for numerical oscillation suppression based on rational-fraction approximations to exponential functions

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