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Volume 10, Issue 10, 07 July 2016

Volume 10, Issue 10

07 July 2016

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    • Optimum tie switches allocation and DG placement based on maximisation of system loadability using discrete artificial bee colony algorithm
      Dynamic equivalent-based reliability evaluation of distribution systems with DGs
      Real-time digital multi-function protection system on reconfigurable hardware
      Expected security constrained reactive power planning
      Feeder reconfiguration and capacitor allocation in the presence of non-linear loads using new P-PSO algorithm
      Real power performance index and line stability index-based management of contingency using firefly algorithm
      Optimal design of convertible static compensator supplementary damping controller to avoid wide area uncontrolled islanding
      How to solve the transmission expansion planning problem faster: acceleration techniques applied to Benders’ decomposition
      Research on configuration strategy for regional energy storage system based on three typical filtering methods
      Model predictive control-based operation management for a residential microgrid with considering forecast uncertainties and demand response strategies
      Forecast aided measurements data synchronisation in robust power system state estimation
      Incorporating earth fault location in management-control scheme for distribution networks
      SCUC-based optimal power tracing approach for scheduling physical bilateral transactions and its verification via an integrated power-money flow analysis
      Predictive current control of distribution static compensator for load compensation in distribution system
      Overhead line design considerations for conductor creep mitigation
      Congestion mitigation using UPFC
      Non-synchronous generation impact on power systems coherency
      Fault location method for distribution lines with distributed generators based on a novel hybrid BPSOGA
      Strategic CBDR bidding considering FTR and wind power
      Robust wide-area impedance-based fault location method utilising LAV estimator
      Fully decentralised multi-area dynamic economic dispatch for large-scale power systems via cutting plane consensus
      Influences of input impedance of oscilloscope on the accuracy of switching overvoltage measuring system
      DC flashover performance of ice-covered insulators under complex ambient conditions
      Improved LSF method for loss estimation and its application in DG allocation
      Power transformer protection using chirplet transform
      Propagation of overvoltages transferred through distribution transformers in electric networks
      Optimal power factor for optimally located and sized solar parking lots applying quantum annealing
      Optimal real power rescheduling of generators for congestion management using a novel ant lion optimiser

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