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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 1, Issue 5, September 2007

Volume 1, Issue 5

September 2007

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    • Optimal transmission expansion under different market structures
      Harmonic impedance measurement using a thyristor-controlled short circuit
      Representation of line optimisation control in unified power-flow controller model for power-flow analysis
      Composite load models based on field measurements and their applications in dynamic analysis
      Power system transmission network expansion planning using AC model
      Voltage and frequency control of parallel operated synchronous generator and induction generator with STATCOM in micro hydro scheme
      Small signal stability analysis and optimal control of a wind turbine with doubly fed induction generator
      Voltage stability constrained optimal dispatch in deregulated power systems
      Effects of unsymmetrical voltage sags on squirrel-cage induction motors
      Dynamic price forecast in a competitive electricity market
      Wavelet packet-based digital relaying for advanced series compensated line
      Non-smooth/non-convex economic dispatch by a novel hybrid differential evolution algorithm
      A new single-pole switching technique for suppressing turbine-generator torsional vibrations and enhancing power stability and continuity
      Generalised equation of soil critical electric field EC based on impulse tests and measured soil electrical parameters
      Dynamic equivalencing of distribution networks with dispersed generation using Hankel norm approximation
      Multi-voltage approach to long-term network expansion planning
      Unit commitment – a fuzzy mixed integer Linear Programming solution
      Control strategy for dynamic voltage restorers to achieve minimum power injection without introducing sudden phase shift

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