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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 1, Issue 4, July 2007

Volume 1, Issue 4

July 2007

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    • Comparison of risk-based and deterministic security assessments
      Effect of approximate impedance formulae on the accuracy of transmission line modelling
      Novel applications of Z-matrix to network topology analysis in the relay coordination software
      Improved merit order and augmented Lagrange Hopfield network for unit commitment
      Generation control of interconnected power systems using computational intelligence techniques
      Optimisation-based control coordination of PSSs and FACTS devices for optimal oscillations damping in multi-machine power system
      Short-term hydrothermal optimisation with congestion and quality of service constraints
      Allocating transmission loss to loads and generators through complex power flow tracing
      Sequential phase energisation technique for capacitor switching transient reduction
      Electricity market equilibrium analysis based on nonlinear interior point algorithm with complementarity constraints
      Optimal placement and sizing of harmonic filters aboard an electric propulsion ship
      Steady state formulation of FACTS devices based on ac/ac converters
      Effect of TCPS on oscillations in tie-power and area frequencies in an interconnected hydrothermal power system
      Wavelet-based Mann and Morrison algorithm for improvement of three-phase unbalanced voltage dips characterisation
      Electricity market price spike forecasting and decision making
      Allocation of transmission charges for real-power transactions using Markov chains
      Price-based unit commitment for bidding under price uncertainty
      Coordinated parameter design of STATCOM stabiliser and PSS using MSSA algorithm
      UK distribution system protection issues
      Reliability evaluation of distribution systems considering optimal restoration sequence and variable restoration times

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