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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 1, Issue 3, May 2007

Volume 1, Issue 3

May 2007

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    • Small-signal dynamic model of a micro-grid including conventional and electronically interfaced distributed resources
      Load behaviour prediction under blackout conditions using a fuzzy expert system
      Risk management of generators' strategic bidding in dynamic oligopolistic electricity market using optimal control
      Application of the multi-level current reinjection concept to HVDC transmission
      Probability-based predictive self-healing reconfiguration for shipboard power systems
      Dynamic optimal power flow approach to account for consumer response in short term hydrothermal coordination studies
      Representative static load models for transient stability analysis: development and examination
      Harmonic and reactive power compensation as ancillary services in inverter-based distributed generation
      Operating reserve capacity requirements and pricing in deregulated markets using probabilistic techniques
      Simulated annealing-based optimal wind‐thermal coordination scheduling
      Unit commitment computation by fuzzy adaptive particle swarm optimisation
      Fast prediction of loadability margins using neural networks to approximate security boundaries of power systems
      Transient stability constrained optimal power flow using particle swarm optimisation
      Characteristics of voltage relays for embedded synchronous generators protection
      Generation curtailment to manage voltage constraints in distribution networks
      Non-iterative load-flow method as a tool for voltage stability studies
      Assessment of harmonic distortion level considering the interaction between distributed three-phase harmonic sources and power grid
      General sensitivity formulas for maximum loading conditions in power systems

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