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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 1, Issue 2, March 2007

Volume 1, Issue 2

March 2007

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    • Conic programming approach for static voltage stability analysis in radial networks
      Placement of FACTS controllers using modal controllability indices to damp out power system oscillations
      Application of probabilistic neural network for differential relaying of power transformer
      Reliability assessment of an automated distribution system
      Unit commitment by heuristics and absolutely stochastic simulated annealing
      Genetic algorithm-based approach for fixed and switchable capacitors placement in distribution systems with uncertainty and time varying loads
      Study of differential evolution for optimal reactive power flow
      Genetic-based algorithm for power economic load dispatch
      Influence of current transformer saturation on line current differential protection algorithms
      Power transformer protection using S-transform with complex window and pattern recognition approach
      Power quality improvement using interline voltage controller
      Evaluation of Automatic Generation Control (AGC) regulators by performance indices using data from real operation
      Combinational mechanism for generation capacity and network reinforcement planning
      Operation margin analysis of zone 3 impedance relay based on sensitivities to power injection
      Constructive heuristic algorithm in branch-and-bound structure applied to transmission network expansion planning
      Energy market segmentation for distributed energy resources implementation purposes
      Non-sinusoidal power theory in a power system having transmission lines with frequency-dependent resistances
      Wavelet-based partial discharge image denoising
      Performance aspects of mains connected small-scale wind turbines
      Numerical algorithm for overhead lines protection and disturbance records analysis

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