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IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution

Volume 1, Issue 1, January 2007

Volume 1, Issue 1

January 2007

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    • Implementation and test results of a wide-area measurement-based controller for damping interarea oscillations considering signal-transmission delay
      Dynamic features of DC flashover on polluted insulators
      Influence of distributed wind generation and load composition on voltage sags
      Self-scheduling under ellipsoidal price uncertainty: conic-optimisation approach
      Time–frequency transform approach for protection of parallel transmission lines
      Analysis of measurement-set qualitative characteristics for state-estimation purposes
      Formulation of a MIMO linear power system stabiliser for identical generating units at a common busbar
      Complete matrix formulation of fault-position method for voltage-dip characterisation
      Reliability evaluation of hybrid power markets based on multiple transaction matrix and optimal transaction curtailment
      Application of a z-transform signal model and median filtering for power system frequency and phasor measurements
      Real-time monitoring of electromechanical oscillations in power systems: first findings
      Design of trip current monitoring system for circuit breaker condition assessment
      Series compensation method to mitigate harmonics and voltage sags and swells
      Methods for customer and demand response policies selection in new electricity markets
      Application and comparison of metaheuristic techniques to generation expansion planning in the partially deregulated environment
      Out-of-step detection algorithm using frequency deviation of voltage
      Determination of appropriate price level in installed-capacity market
      Impedance calculation of a single-layer air-core coil by means of resonant modal theory
      Evaluation of economic impact of external equivalent models used in reactive OPF studies for interconnected systems
      Advanced voltage sag characterisation II: point on wave
      Assessment of conductor thermal models for grid studies
      Provision of a synchronising power characteristic on DFIG-based wind farms
      Indices for the characterisation of bursts of short-duration waveform distortion
      Next-day electricity-price forecasting using a hybrid network
      Resistance of pollution in equivalent electric circuit of flashover
      Transmission loss evaluation in an open electricity market using an incremental method
      Active power-flow management utilising operating margins for the increased connection of distributed generation

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