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IET Electrical Systems in Transportation

Volume 8, Issue 2, June 2018

Volume 8, Issue 2

June 2018

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    • Performance evaluation of a medium size diesel vehicle equipped with different electric-turbo compound layouts
      Internal combustion engine/piston integrated reluctance generator concept for vehicular applications with simple Matlab–Simulink based study
      Indirect monitoring and early detection of faults in trains' motors
      Electronic–magnetic gearing motor analyses and simulations for electric vehicles
      Single-stage ZETA-SEPIC-based multifunctional integrated converter for plug-in electric vehicles
      Energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions analysis for a concept design of a hydrogen hybrid railway vehicle
      Energy efficiency strategies for railway application: alternative solutions applied to a real case study
      Operational strategy analysis of electric vehicle battery swapping stations
      Optimal charging and discharging for EVs in a V2G participation under critical peak conditions
      Research on double fuzzy control strategy for parallel hybrid electric vehicle based on GA and DP optimisation
    • Methodology to qualify marine electrical propulsion system architectures for platform supply vessels

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