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IET Electrical Systems in Transportation

Volume 7, Issue 4, December 2017

Volume 7, Issue 4

December 2017

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    • Review of prospects for adoption of fuel cell electric vehicles in New Zealand
    • Optimal algorithms for the charge equalisation controller of series connected lithium-ion battery cells in electric vehicle applications
      Mechanical design of rotors for permanent magnet high-speed electric motors for turbocharger applications
      Modelling and design of improved powertrain solutions for electric and hybrid buses
      Automated people mover: a comparison between conventional and permanent magnets MAGLEV systems
      Non-linear time-delay controller for dc/dc power converters in application of electric vehicles
      EVs for frequency regulation: cost benefit analysis in a smart grid environment
      Online condition monitoring and fault detection of large supercapacitor banks in electric vehicle applications
    • Design of a five-phase permanent-magnet motor for the electric steering of an aircraft nose landing gear

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