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IET Electrical Systems in Transportation

Volume 7, Issue 1, March 2017

Volume 7, Issue 1

March 2017

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    • Effects of environmental factors on electric vehicle energy consumption: a sensitivity analysis
      Aging of high power Li-ion cells during real use of electric vehicles
      Efficient multirate simulation techniques for multi-physics systems with different time scales: application on an all-electric ferry design
      Electric vehicle drivetrain optimisation
      Braking force control strategy for electric vehicles with load variation and wheel slip considerations
      Fault mechanism study on Li-ion battery at over-discharge and its diagnosis approach
      Test bench for emulating a variety of salient rotor electrical propulsion machines with a single permanent-magnet synchronous machine drive
      Multi-stack fuel cell efficiency enhancement based on thermal management
      Experimental validation of electric bus powertrain model under city driving cycles
      Smart EV charging schedules: supporting the grid and protecting battery life

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