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IET Electrical Systems in Transportation

Volume 12, Issue 4, December 2022

Volume 12, Issue 4

December 2022

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    • Medium‐voltage DC electric railway systems: A review on feeding arrangements and power converter topologies
    • Characteristic analysis of pantograph–catenary detachment arc based on double‐pantograph–catenary dynamics in electrified railways
      Bounded rational real‐time charging pricing strategy under the traffic‐grid coupling network
      A multi‐layer framework for energy efficiency assessment of shore‐to‐ship fast charging systems including onshore batteries
      Research on time–frequency characteristics of contact force based on wavelet transform
      An efficient field programmable gate arrays based real‐time implementation of smooth variable structure filter to estimate the state of charge of Li‐ion battery in electric vehicle application
      Enhanced EKF and SVSF for state of charge estimation of Li‐ion battery in electric vehicle using a fuzzy parameters model
      A low‐rating 40‐pulse AC–DC rectifier based on a new passive harmonic mitigation circuit
      Optimised temperature fluctuation control strategy for lifetime improvement in aircraft electrical power distribution system
      Design and analysis of a photovoltaic‐powered charging station for plug‐in hybrid electric vehicles in college campus
      Harmonic feature of 27.5 kV traction power system in a Chinese high‐speed railway
    • Design, build, test and flight of the world's fastest electric aircraft

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