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Volume 10, Issue 4, December 2020

Volume 10, Issue 4

December 2020

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    • Real-time control algorithm for minimising energy consumption in parallel hybrid electric vehicles
      Development of a computer platform for visualisation and simulation of vehicular DC distribution systems
      Effect of battery voltage variation on electric vehicle performance driven by induction machine with optimal flux-weakening strategy
      Online energy management of a hybrid fuel cell vehicle considering the performance variation of the power sources
      Prognostic methods for proton exchange membrane fuel cell under automotive load cycling: a review
      Optimisation of fractional-order PI controller for bidirectional quasi-Z-source inverter used for electric traction system
      Energy efficiency improvement of eddy-current braking and heating system for electric bus based on fuzzy control
      Energy management strategy to optimise regenerative braking in a hybrid dual-mode locomotive
      Energy price forecasting for optimal managing of electric vehicle fleet
      Hydrogen penetration and fuel cell vehicle deployment in the carbon constrained future energy system
      Heuristics-oriented overtaking decision making for autonomous vehicles using reinforcement learning
      Non-linear switched model for accurate voltage estimation and power flow analysis of DC railway systems
      Research on deep learning method for rail surface defect detection

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