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IET Energy Systems Integration is a Gold Open Access multi-disciplinary journal that covers the integration of multiple energy systems (e.g. electricity, nature gas, heating, cooling, hydrogen, and low-carbon transport), at various scales (from multinational, national, community scale down to building level) and across the energy supply chain (from energy conversion, transmission, distribution down to consumption). The journal publishes original research findings, the latest perspectives from research projects and technology development, and systematic reviews in the field of energy systems integration.

The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Energy Apparatus for ESI

• Design, modelling and validation of energy apparatus for ESI

• Artificial intelligence, cyber security, and cyber-physical systems applied in energy apparatus

• Standards of advanced energy apparatus

Technologies of Individual Energy Vectors for ESI 

Technologies of:

• Electrical networks for ESI

• Natural gas networks for ESI

• District heating and cooling networks for ESI

• Hydrogen networks for ESI

• Alternative gases for ESI

• Low-carbon transport for ESI

• Demand side for ESI

Multi-Vector Energy Systems Integration

• Modelling and analysis of multi-vector energy systems 

• Planning, operation and control of multi-vector energy systems 

• Monitoring, asset management and maintenance 

• Security and reliability of integrated energy systems

• Big data analytics

• Information and communication infrastructure

• Energy efficiencies and environmental impact of integrated energy systems

• Intelligent integrated energy infrastructure

• Analysis and optimization of integrated energy systems

• Economic, regulatory, financial, societal and policy aspects of the integrated energy systems

• Emerging technologies in ESI

Interdependencies between Energy and other Infrastructures 

• Energy-water nexus

• Energy-food nexus

• Energy-water-food nexus

• Energy-water-land nexus

• Energy-transport nexus

• Energy-water-waste nexus

• Energy-manufacturing nexus

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