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IET Electric Power Applications

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  • Sensorless control of PMSM using generalized extended state observer and adaptive resistance estimation
  • Electromagnetic and thermal analyses of surface-mounted permanent magnet motor with flux-absorbing structure for enhancing overhang effect
  • Analytical modelling of air-gap magnetic field of interior permanent magnet synchronous motors
  • Analytical model and optimisation design of surface-mounted PM motors with Halbach arrays accounting for semi-closed slots
  • Comparative researches on double-sided switched reluctance linear machines with different winding connections
  • Effect of time-harmonic current on the harmonic leakage inductance of fractional slot concentrated winding permanent magnet synchronous motor
  • Design optimisation of an outer-rotor permanent magnet synchronous hub motor for a low-speed campus patrol EV
  • Precise non-linear flux linkage model for permanent magnet synchronous motors based on current injection and bivariate function approximation
  • Iron loss and temperature analysis of switched reluctance motor for electric vehicles
  • Deadbeat predictive current control of permanent magnet synchronous motor based on variable step-size adaline neural network parameter identification
  • High-frequency modelling of permanent magnet synchronous motor for conducted EMI studies
  • Reduced inverters fed BDCM drives: an attempt to improve cost-effectiveness, compactness and reliability in hybrid vehicles
  • Multidisciplinary analysis of a 750 kW PMSM for marine propulsion including shock loading response
  • Misalignment-tolerant integrated IPT systems for tram logistics robots featuring dual-purpose coupler
  • Three-dimensional finite-element analysis multiphysics modelling of electromagnetic Joule heating in carbon fibre composites
  • Impact of inductance variation on the operation of a synchronous reluctance motor connected to a weak grid
  • Detection of Simultaneous Mechanical Faults in 6 kV Pumping Induction Motors Using Combined MCSA and Stray Flux Methods
  • Integrated control method for constant output voltage and maximum efficiency tracking of bilateral LCL compensation ICPT system
  • Integrated receiver with high misalignment tolerance used in dynamic wireless charging
  • Misalignment tolerance wireless power transfer system combining inductive and capacitive coupling
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