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Volume 9, Issue 9, November 2015

Volume 9, Issue 9

November 2015

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    • Prediction of vacuum cleaner motor brush life: a regression approach
      Direct instantaneous torque control with wide operating range for switched reluctance motors
      Performance investigation of hybrid excited switched flux permanent magnet machines using frozen permeability method
      Model predictive torque control of induction motor drives with reduced torque ripple
      Reliability modelling and assessment of electric motor driven systems in hydrocarbon industries
      Control strategy for hybrid-excited switched-flux permanent magnet machines
      Sliding-mode position control of medium-stroke voice coil motor based on system identification observer
      Effective approach for calculating critical speeds of high-speed permanent magnet motor rotor-shaft assemblies
      Turn–turn short circuit fault management in permanent magnet machines
      Self-commissioning of flux linkage curves of synchronous reluctance machines in quasi-standstill condition
      Scale models formulation of switched reluctance generators for low speed energy converters
      Parameter identification and prediction of Jiles–Atherton model for DC-biased transformer using improved shuffled frog leaping algorithm and least square support vector machine

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