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IET Electric Power Applications

Volume 6, Issue 9, November 2012

Volume 6, Issue 9

November 2012

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    • Preliminary induction motor electromagnetic sizing based on a geometrical approach
      Analytical method to optimise turn-on angle and turn-off angle for switched reluctance motor drives
      Modelling methodology for transformer core vibrations based on the magnetostrictive properties
      Unscented Kalman filter for non-linear estimation of induction machine parameters
      Performance of the brushless doubly-fed machine under normal and fault conditions
      Analytical magnetic field distribution of slotless brushless permanent magnet motors – Part I. Armature reaction field, inductance and rotor eddy current loss calculations
      Analytical magnetic field distribution of slotless brushless PM motors. Part 2: Open-circuit field and torque calculations
      Fractal-based low computation space phasor generation scheme for a four-level inverter using an open-end winding induction motor
      Performance analysis of a cylindrical eddy current brake
      Parallel hybrid excitation machines and their control schemes for DC generation system
      Discrete-time sliding mode speed observer for sensorless control of induction motor drives
      Parameter identification of the Jiles–Atherton hysteresis model using a hybrid technique
      Design and tuning of fixed-switching-frequency second-order sliding-mode controller for doubly fed induction generator power control
      Control and operation of fault-tolerant flux-switching permanent-magnet motor drive with second harmonic current injection
      Real-time thermal management of permanent magnet synchronous motors by resistance estimation
      Modelling of inrush current in transformers using inverse Jiles–Atherton hysteresis model with a Neuro-shuffled frog-leaping algorithm approach
      Simulated annealing algorithm for the optimisation of an electrical machine
      Literature survey of eddy-current loss analysis in rotating electrical machines
      Reducing torque ripple of switched reluctance machines by relocation of rotor moulding clinches

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