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IET Electric Power Applications

Volume 6, Issue 8, September 2012

Volume 6, Issue 8

September 2012

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    • Extended Park's vector approach-based differential protection of three-phase power transformers
      Assessing the environmental impact of induction motors using manufacturer's data and life cycle analysis
      Shuffled frog-leaping algorithm for parameter estimation of a double-cage asynchronous machine
      Theoretical and experimental analysis of a three-phase permanent magnet claw-pole synchronous generator
      Modelling methodology and experimental verification of the permanent-magnet-biased saturation-based fault current limiter
      Implementation of a predictive controller for a sensorless interior permanent-magnet synchronous motor drive system
      Design and evaluation of voltage measurement-based sectoral diagnosis method for inverter open switch faults of permanent magnet synchronous motor drives
      Implementation of high-performance sensorless interior permanent-magnet synchronous motor control systems using a high-frequency injection technique
      Torsional vibration control of large induction motors using constant air gap flux scheme
      Temperature-dependant voltage regulator operation for optimal load acceptance of a diesel generator
      Behaviour of the doubly fed induction generator exposed to unsymmetrical voltage sags
      VCM controller design with enhanced disturbance decoupling for precise automated manufacturing processes

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