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IET Electric Power Applications

Volume 6, Issue 2, February 2012

Volume 6, Issue 2

February 2012

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    • Digital signal processor-based probabilistic fuzzy neural network control of in-wheel motor drive for light electric vehicle
      Sensorless micro-permanent magnet synchronous motor control system with a wide adjustable speed range
      Design of novel bearingless switched reluctance motor
      Prediction of the oil flow distribution in oil-immersed transformer windings by network modelling and computational fluid dynamics
      Magnetic arm-switch-based three-phase series–shunt compensated quality AC power supply
      Voltage compensation-type inrush current limiter for reducing power transformer inrush current
      Position sensorless control of switched reluctance motors based on improved neural network
      Optimal reset control design for current control and uncertainties estimation in permanent magnet synchronous
      Parameter estimation for a deep-bar induction motor

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