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IET Electric Power Applications

Volume 4, Issue 8, September 2010

Volume 4, Issue 8

September 2010

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    • Non-intrusive efficiency estimation method for energy auditing and management of in-service induction motor using bacterial foraging algorithm
      Model for three-phase induction motors with stator core faults
      Comparison of transient and steady-state performances analysis for a dual-channel switched reluctance machine operation under different modes
      Ultracapacitors equipped hybrid electric MicroCar
      Analysis of magnetic field distribution of a cylindrical discrete Halbach permanent magnet linear generator
      Application of linear quadratic regulator theory to the stator field-oriented control of induction motors
      Cogging torque suppression in a permanent-magnet flux-switching integrated-starter-generator
      Improved dynamic average modelling of brushless excitation system in all rectification modes
      Eleven-phase induction machine: steady-state analysis and performance evaluation with harmonic injection

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