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IET Electric Power Applications

Volume 17, Issue 9, September 2023

Volume 17, Issue 9

September 2023

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    • Design of multi‐phase permanent magnet synchronous motor with fractional‐slot windings for electromagnetic vibration reduction considering stator teeth modulation
      Hybrid analytical model for air‐gap magnetic field prediction of surface‐mounted permanent magnet motors with a quasi‐regular polygon rotor
      A new design approach for reduction of force ripple in permanent magnet flux‐switching linear motor
      Design and modelling of a two‐degrees‐of‐freedom dual‐rotor axial‐flux squirrel cage induction motor
      Analysis and experimental verification of transverse‐dislocated magnetic‐field modulated brushless contra‐rotating machine
      Design and analysis of concave‐core stator direct‐drive permanent magnet motor
      Model predictive current control with a finite set of novel voltages and modulator in permanent magnet synchronous motor drives
      Cross‐coupling control strategy based on intelligent adaptive control for cross‐shaped dual‐axis linear motors
      High‐frequency square‐wave voltage injection position sensorless control method using single current sensor

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