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IET Electric Power Applications

Volume 17, Issue 8, August 2023

Volume 17, Issue 8

August 2023

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    • Method for acquisition of orthotropic material parameters and calculation of modal frequencies in permanent magnet synchronous motor
    • Assessing the impact of three‐phase rewinding of a failed single‐phase motor on efficiency improvement and energy saving
      Calculation of no‐load induced electromotive force of pole changing line‐start permanent magnet synchronous motor
      Pole shape design of ring winding axial flux permanent magnet used in a direct‐drive electric boat for cost‐efficient cogging torque alleviation
      Dynamic power management for all‐electric ships based on data‐driven propulsion power modelling
      Direct torque control and space vector modulation‐based direct torque control of brushless doubly‐fed reluctance machines
      A multi‐criteria methodology with algebraic validation for the design of space vector switching sequences over a fundamental period horizon
      On‐line identification of power transformer short‐circuit parameters based on instantaneous phasor
      In‐depth investigation of inter‐turn short‐circuit faults of surface‐mounted permanent magnet machines with series‐parallel coil connections

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