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IET Electric Power Applications

Volume 17, Issue 11, November 2023

Volume 17, Issue 11

November 2023

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    • A high‐efficiency magnetic‐geared double‐rotor machine with the coreless stator for hybrid aircraft propulsion
      Influence of high‐order electromagnetic force on vibration characteristics of induction motor
      Fake algebraic Riccati equation applied to model predictive control for doubly fed induction generator direct power control
      Investigation of winding cooling enhancement and thermal modelling of large‐power high‐torque‐density direct‐drive PMSM
      Backstepping control of three‐degree‐of‐freedom hybrid magnetic bearing based on non‐linear disturbance observer
      Mechanical fault diagnosis of on‐load tap‐changer based on improved variational mode decomposition and relative density‐based outlier score
      A space vector pulse width modulation method for switched reluctance motor driven by full bridge power converter
      An improved subdomain method for air gap flux density of interior permanent magnet machines based on rotor reconstruction and flux equivalence
    • A super‐high‐speed PM motor drive for centrifugal air compressor used in fuel cell unmanned aerial vehicle

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