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Volume 14, Issue 5, May 2020

Volume 14, Issue 5

May 2020

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    • Design and characterisation of advanced magnetic material-based core for isolated power converters used in wave energy generation systems
      Magnetic field-modulated linear permanent-magnet generator for direct-drive wave energy conversion
      Linear vernier machine wave converter modelling and analysis by MEC
      Application of iron nitride compound as alternative permanent magnet for designing linear generators to harvest oceanic wave energy
      High-performance control for a permanent-magnet linear synchronous generator using state feedback control scheme plus grey wolf optimisation
      WEC fault modelling and condition monitoring: A graph-theoretic approach
    • Analytical validation of novel consequent pole E-core stator permanent magnet flux switching machine
      Quasi-Z source indirect matrix converter-fed induction motor drive
      Torque ripple error compensation of high-dynamic coil array commutation algorithm for magnetic levitation planar motor
      State diagnosis method of transformer winding deformation based on fusing vibration and reactance parameters
      Unsymmetrical bistable multimagnetic circuit permanent magnet actuator for high-voltage circuit breaker application: analysis, design, and dynamic simulation
      Analysis and restraining of eddy current damping effect in linear voice coil motor
      Identification and control of the motor-drive servo turntable with the switched friction model
      FPGA-based hardware-in-the-loop real-time simulation implementation for high-speed train electrical traction system
      Design and analysis of E-core PM-assisted switched reluctance motor
      Taguchi's robust design optimisation of water-cooled ISG motors considering manufacturing tolerances
      Analytical calculation of magnetic field of bearingless flux-switching permanent-magnet machine based on doubly-salient relative permeance method
      Enhanced sensor-less speed control approach based on mechanical offset for dual-stator brushless DC motor drives
      Optimisation method of magnetic levitation actuator for rotary table
      Design optimisation of an axial-flux reluctance magnetic coupling based on a two-dimensional semi-analytical model
      DC-link voltage control strategy of Z-source inverter for high-speed permanent magnet motor
    • HST calculation of a 10 kV oil-immersed transformer with 3D coupled-field method

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